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The Power of DS3 and 4 Pillar Billing Together


Peanut butter and jelly. Brushing and flossing. DS3 & 4PB. Some things are just better together.

The powerful combination of DS3 & 4PB together unlocks more value and time savings for your team. 4 Pillar Billing seamlessly integrates with DS3 to streamline documentation processes, increase the efficiency of claims submissions with all of your records in one place, and make it easy to get support with just one company to communicate with.


Why choose DS3 & 4PB?

  • Increase your ROI. Our Members saw an average 324% ROI in 2021.
  • Never work alone. Our expert member success team will be by your side the whole way.
  • Simplify the processes of medical billing and get paid faster.
  • Limitless educational opportunities. DS3 members get access to 40+ hours of CE courses and free webinars and access to the world's only dedicated DSM Search Engine, Snoozle.