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The only 360°, full-service program designed for Dental Sleep Medicine Success.

Why Choose DS3

Over ten years ago, we set out on our mission to empower dental professionals to help their patients breathe, sleep, and live better and longer lives. Since then, we’ve trained thousands of dentists to implement Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) into their own practices, and created hundreds of hours worth of DSM educational content and CE courses. 

Through all of this, we’ve learned that the most committed providers who want their DSM practice to grow and thrive often need something more. That’s why we’re so proud and excited to announce  the all new DS360 Program. 

DS360 has been thoughtfully curated to teach you the best practices we’ve learned through years developing and supporting many of the highest volume, most successful DSM practices in the country. Are YOU ready to be one of them?


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What DS360 Includes
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Our founders both built incredibly successful sleep practices and we’ve helped many other dentists do the same along the way. We’ve taken the knowledge we’ve gained from using these best practices to create the DS360 program, designed to help dentists like you find massive success in dental sleep. We’ll be by your side with coaching, support, and resources as you implement the program into your practice, too.


DS360 is a 2-year commitment to your dental sleep success. A 2-year commitment from you, and a 2-year commitment from us.